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Ready to operate your own plot or just interested in getting involved? Fill out the online interest form or download a printable version.

Gardener Guidelines

Your Plot

  1. Your plot is granted for 1 year from date of approved application.  

  2. Renewal can occur annually as long as plots are available.

  3. You may discontinue use as at any time by notifying a member of the FCG Board of Directors.

  4. If the plot appears unused after assigned, the FCG Board will discuss plans for use and possible reassignment.

  5. A gardener cannot give their someone else.

  6. Only organic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are to be used in all plots.

  7. Keep your plot and the adjoining pathways (1/2 of the perimeter) neat and weed free.

  8. Unpicked ripe produce will be harvested and donated if there is fruit rotting on the plants.

  9. Planting illegal or  poisonous plants is not allowed.

  10. Permanent structures cannot be built in the plots. Trellises or other support structures must be kept within the plot.

  11. If you’re not renewing for another year, clean out the plot completely.


General Usage

  1. Do not apply anything or pick anything from another person’s plot without their approval.

  2. Cut weeds and dead plants into smaller pieces before putting them in the compost bins.

  3. Diseased plants, weeds that have gone to seed, and bermuda grass are to be placed in a pile by the side of the road for town pick-up.

  4. Return all tools, hoses, and equipment back to their proper place after each use.

  5. Never leave the water on unattended.

  6. Dogs, other pets, smoking and drugs (including alcohol) are not allowed in the garden.

  7. Children and youth under age 18 must be supervised at all times by an adult who has signed the Farmville Community Garden liability waiver.

  8. Report theft, vandalism, and unusual activity to a member of the FCG Board of Directors.

  9. Gardeners will provide their own seeds, fertilizers, pest management materials, and tools, and will wear protective clothing and shoes when operating equipment.


Community Participation

  1. FCG plots are provided at no cost to participants

  2. Gardeners are encouraged to make a donation of any amount they can afford to help cover the cost of water, insurance, compost, tools, supplies, and other expenses.

  3. Gardeners are encouraged to support the mission of the FCG through participation in community work days, educational events and community socials.


General Terms

Each gardener agrees to use the plot at his/her own risk and agrees to hold Farmville Community Garden and the town of Farmville harmless from any injury and damage. Farmville Community Garden and the town of Farmville are not responsible for injury associated with gardening activities, or for stolen/damaged items left on property.

Farmville Community Garden may revoke this agreement at any time.

Granting of plots and continued use is at the sole discretion of the FCG Board of Directors.  Violation of the above rules may result in use of a plot being revoked or denial of renewal. The FCG Board will communicate with gardeners about violations and give the opportunity to remedy.  Revocation will be a last resort if issues are not addressed or for repeated violations.

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